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Our Approach

How We Drive Value

Driving Predictable Success with the Precision Business System

Precision Aerospace Holdings is a next-gen technology company.

Both our company model and Precision Business System (PBS) framework standardize new and innovative ways of working to maintain and improve profitability. 

By generating profitable growth with real operational benefits across the lifecycle of the asset, our approach can sustainably create improvement and value beyond that which can be delivered by the current way of working. Through PBS, Precision Aerospace is delivering next-gen world class manufacturing across the Defense, Aerospace and Space market segments. 


Financial Planning
Production Planning


Operational Excellence
Financial Execution


Quality Assurance


Continuous Improvement
Operational Reviews

Our IO Framework

Creating Value with Real Operational Benefits Across the asset

The Precision Business System (PBS) is how we perform to exceed our customer expectations.

This framework permeates into every process within our business and enables us to achieve “World Class Manufacturing.” 

It allows us to exceed quality requirements, on time delivery expectations and financial goals.  We are proud to work within this framework and look forward to further enhancing PBS on our journey to World Class Manufacturing. 

Customers First
People Always